Lipidic Vitawin C 75 Capsule


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Description Lipidic Vitowin C 75 Capsulipidic Vitowin Food beltegrider, with vitamin C and phospholipids from soybeans ogm free.adata to vegetarian and vegans.
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), soy phospholipids; Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; For the capsule: vegetable jelly *. It knows soy and its derivatives. Senza Gluten. * From Tapioca naturally fermented in Pullulan.
Nutritional features
Daily dose medifers (3 capsules)% vnr * vitamin C1.000 mg1.250% phospholipids from soya138 mg- * vnr: Nutritional reference values.
How to use
We recommend taking 3 capsules a day, swallowed with water or drinks.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Food supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. For the use of the product during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, it is advisable to hear the opinion of the Meedico.
Store in a cool and dry place, away from light. The minimum preservation term refers to the product correctly stored in integrated packaging.
Pack of 75 capsules from 508 mg.Peso net 38.1 g.