Liotontrauma Gel 40g 2%+5%


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Description Liotonrauma Gel 40g 2% + 5% Name: Liotonrauma 2% + 5% gel
Pharmacotherapeutic category: drugs for topical use, for joint and muscle pain.
Active principles: 100 g of gels contain: 2 g escin, diethylamine 5 g.
Exceptible: lavender essence, black essence, carboxepolimethylene, meglumin, propylene gly, ethyl alcohol, edetated sodium, esoldecanol and esldec laurar, ethsoidiglicol, butylidrossitoluole, titanium dioxide, purified ACQ.
Directions: Minor traumatology.
CONTRAINDICATIONS / EFF.SECONDAR: hypersensitivity to active ingredients or to any of the excipients. The drug should not be used on open lesions (wounds), mucous membranes and reascrafts treated with radiation.
Posology: Apply and spread a thin layer of gel on the skin of the area to be treated from 1 to 3 times a day.
Storage: Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C.
WARNINGS: There are no risks of addiction and addictive. Touching a preparation for topical applications, its use must be exclusively external. Use, prolonged species, products for topical use can give rise to awareness-raising phenomena.
Interactions: Interactions with other medicines have not been reported.
Undesirable effects: In rare cases hypersensitivity reactions can appear as red king, peeling and dehydration of the skin. Sign up any suspected adverse action through the national reporting system.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: In case of pregnancy and during breastfeeding it is not recommended to use the medicine if not under strict medical control. However, it is appropriate to avoid prolonged use (maximum 3 weeks) of the product on skin areas extended during pregnancy And use on the breast during breastfeeding.