Liomellin Vitello Lioflizzato 3 Pezzi Da 10g


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Description Liomellin Calf loop 3 pieces from 10GliMellin
Starting from the 4th month, according to the pediatrician opinion.
How to use
– In Pappe and Soups: add half or a jar. – In the creams: Pour the contents of a jar into 60 ml of warm water or broth and mix until a homogeneous cream. Characteristics The gradual and balanced introduction of the meat in the feeding of the infant from the beginning of weaning is very important for specific nutritional qualities, essential for growth and development. The dual homogenization and lyophilization process ensures a superior degree of digestibility and better food storability. – It is a food obtained from meat and rice flour, indicated in weaning. – Does not contain added salt and does not contain gluten. Freeze-dried homogenized calf meat components; Precotta rice flour.
3 pieces from 10g.