Linsen Mangime Complementare flacone 200ml


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Description Linsen Complementary feed 200mllinsen feed feed to correct the diet of dogs and cats suffering from chronic pathologies such as allergy, atopy, asthma, arthritis, coronaropathy, arteriosclerosis, renal failure, in which a high dietary contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 Puó series Contribute to contain the inflammatory phenomenon. It consists of a set of natural oils that make fatty acids in the form of easily digestible and similar triglycerides.
How to use
– Initial dose dog: 5 ml every 10 kg of body weight for 15 days. Maintenance dose: 2.5 ml every 10 kg of body weight. – Initial dose cat: 0.5 ml per body weight kg for 15 days. Maintenance dose: 0.25 ml per body weight kg. Before use, it vigorously shake the bottle until a total redispersion of the sediment. Administer the dose of employment stability divided into meals, mixed with mash or distributed on the croquettes. Linseed oil components; fish oil; borage oil; Conjugated linoleic acids.
Pack of 120 and 200 ml