Linphelle Monocollant Ag Profilassi Antitrombo Embolica Short Taglia 1 Sinistro


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Description Linphelle Monocollant AG Prophylaxis Antitrombo Embolic Short Size 1 Synistrocalze Antitrombo SleocollantoColorocollant Medical Different Compression In Lycra 140, Inspectable Tip, True Tallone Decreased. Available right or left. For a secure prophylaxis of thrombosis, useful for: – reduce the risk of thrombosis of the deep veins – patiently accompanied before and after the operation – people forced to bed – before and after childbirth (if caesarean) material 17% elastane 83% polyamide Compression 18/21 mmHgPer The measurements It is recommended to stick to the table. Leg brushes up to 71 cmCirconferencieCompaClicking a * circumference b * circumference C * circumference D * circumference and * 148-56 cm39-44 cm26-31 cm29-34 cm19-21 cm252 -60 cm43-48 cm30-35 cm32-37 cm21-23 cm356-64 cm47-52 cm34-39 cm35-40 cm23-25 ​​cm460-68 cm51-56 cm38-43 cm38-43 cm25-27 cm564-72 cm55-60 cm42-47 cm42-47 cm27-29 cmmerconference a *: 5 cm under the inguinationConconderference b *: half biscuit c *: 2 fingers under the fold of cynchiocconference d * calf (strong point) circumference c *: ankle over malleolo ( narrowest point)
In the package there is a right or left sock. Available only in white.