Lino Semi Busta Sottovuoto 200g


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Description Linen Semi Vacuum envelope 200Ginfoper external use The flax seed decoctions are useful for dermatoses, skin itchings, burns (including solar ones), the redness of the throat. However, the most widespread use of flaxseed is the one for resolved and emollient cataplasms in cataral coughs, which give relief and facilitate the expectoration. The flax seeds are effective in the event of constipation, because they absorb water and form a mass containing macilenge that makes the intestinal bolus more fluid and protects the mucous membranes, increasing the volume of the intestine stimulate the peristali obtaining a laxative effect.
200g envelope
How to use
For decoctions: 2G in 100 ml of water. In case of constipation: a spoon dissolved in a glass of water.