Linfovir Wash 2 Flaconi Da 250ml


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Description LINFOVIR WASH 2 250ml bottles LINFOVIR WASH
Medical device for a rapid rhyme cleansing, designed for each type of nostril, in 3% hyperthic saline solution buffered at pH 6 (thanks to the presence of the 2 phosphate salts). The pressure of the wave produced allows the solution to reach the rhyme And, activating the Palatal Reflection, to get out of the nostrail.Componentisodio chloride, sodium monobasic phosphate, bibasic sodium phosphate, purified water.
How to use
A washing per nostril 2 times a day. The disbursement must always take place in a unique, progressive and continuous manner. Hold the bellows for a few seconds before delivering the solution to warmly heat. It is advisable to blow the nose before and after using the device.
It is a medical device. Carefully read the warnings or instructions for use.
Validity to intact packaging: 36 months.
2 250 ml bottles of saline solution ready to use and a bellows dispenser with soft nasal terminal.