Linfovir Plus Spray Nasale 30ml


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Product containing resveratrol from Polygonum Cuspidatum and carboxymethylbetaglucano in buffered saline solution. The product, through a nasal topical use, can be useful in those subjects who manifest a high tendency to inflammation and / or infections of nasal cavities and the first respiratory tract. Useful for removing mucus residues, thus facilitating breathing, Also in the treatment of inflammatory forms of nasal cavities.
Composition purified water, carboxymethylbetaglucano, polygonum cuspidatum Rizoma titled 98% in resveratrol, potassium bibasic phosphate, mannitol, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, potassium phosphate, nipanism sodium.

How to use
1-2 splashes per nostril 3-4 times a day. Upon the first use of the product, completely screw the vial cap clockwise until the end of the stroke, so that the powder contained in the cap falls into the liquid. Power up energy and replace the cap with the appropriate sprayer contained in the packaging by screwing it thoroughly. Remove the protection of the irrolor and spray in the nostrils. Shake before each use. In smaller children it is advisable to have sprayed from an adult. The presence of resveratrol (extracted from the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant) can determine a slightly amber color color without compromising quality.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity known to the components of the product. In the event of adverse reactions, suspend the use of the product and consult your doctor. Close the device closely after use. Do not use after the expiration date indicated. The reconstituted product is stable for 30 days. Keep out of reach of children. The use of the vial is closely personal.

30 ml bottle with dosing cap and with nasal sprayer.