Linfovir Gola Spray Orale 30ml


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Description Linfovir Oral spray throat 30mllinfovir food throats containing beta-glucan, Polygonum cuspidatum containing resveratrol, aloe vera, zinc and sodium hyaluronate. Polygonum antioxidant cuspidatum is also useful to promote the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Aloe Vera favors the well-being of the throat. Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to protect the cells from oxidative stress.
Polygonum cuspidatum; beta-glucan; aloe vera; zinc; Hyalurized sodium.
How to use
4 – 5 Sprinkles in your throat 3 or 4 times a day. Upon the first use of the product, completely screw the stopper of the vial clockwise until the end of the stroke, so that the powder contained in the cap falls into the liquid. Shake vigorously and replace the cap with the appropriate dispenser contained in the package, screwing it fully. Shake before each use.
30 ml bottle with oral dispenser.