Lines Specialist Super M Pannoloni A Mutandina 30 Pezzi


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Description Lines Specialist Super M Pantile Dialones 30 PiecesLines Specialist Super M
LL Pantandina Lines Specialist Classic Super Media Meeting is suitable for severe incontinence. Product features: – Leather torque: The product is internally covered with “cotton type” fabric that helps reduce skin sweating and keep it fresh and dry. The external support is soft polyethylene for a warranty of waterproofing.-Exchange indicator: thin yellow strips visible outside the product, which change color from yellow to blue signaling when it is appropriate to change the product. Dermoprotective lotion: Exclusive soothing lotion enriched with aloe who, in contact with the skin creates a protective barrier, helping to maintain healthy and dry skin, which helps reduce cutaneous redness. The protective and soothing action is demonstrated by clinical tests.-System controls odor: inside the absorbent product mattress the system “blocks and neutralizes odor” is present able to capture urine molecules and neutralize bad odor.- Antifu-shell side barriers: positioned on the Toneletto in contact on the skin, adapt to the body by reducing the risk of spills.-Filter Rapid absorption: Quickly capture the liquid holding it away from the skin.-Repositionable labels: repositionable labels that help ensure the seal .lines Specialist Classic Super ensures maximum absorbency and maximum protection of the skin. All Lines Specialist Classic products are Latex free and there is no latex in the primary packaging material, as well as in the material used in production processes.
30 pieces
: Media. Vita 70 to 110 cm (recommended for a size 42-46).