Lines Specialist Classic Traversa 80X180 cm 30 pezzi


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Description Lines Specialist Classic Traversa 80×180 cm 30 piecesilles Specialist Classic crossbar
Soft absorbent cellulose mat with reworkable side bands. Made of cellulose pulp, material entirely extracted from wood, absorbs and retains liquids away from the moisture from the skin and forming a protective barrier of the surfaces used (for example: chair, mattress). The upper Teparel is hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergies. The package is compact to make it easy to transport the product and home accommodation.
The crossbar is completely covered with a soft “cotton type” fabric. Easy to use, adapts to each surface, from the armchair to the bed. It can also be used during the change of the absorbent aid and directly in contact with the skin.

30 pieces, 80x180cm.