Lines Specialist Classic Sagomato Super Maxi 30 Pezzi


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Description Lines Specialist Classic Shaped Super Maxi 30 PispAnlone Lines Specialist Classic Shaped Super Maxi
– Side protective barriers: help prevent leakage of liquids and solid.-Core controls odors: act effectively and long against odors, neutralizing them. Lenitive lotion with Aloe: offers a soothing and protective action. The lotion enriched with aloe, natural emollient, removes moisture from the skin by helping to prevent irritation. This lotion is applied to the back of the product which, in use, is in contact with the sacred coccigee area, particularly subject to the formation of decubbed sores.-Exchange indicators: becomes blue to suggest that the time could have arrived The product.-Unisex: they are suitable for both the woman and for man.
Pack of 30 pieces.