Lines Special Classic Pannolone Sagomato Sottile Super 30 Pezzi


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Description Lines Special Classic Shaped Skinny Diale Super 30 PispAnlone Lines Special Classic Shaped
It combines the subtlety and absorbency Lines to give you protection and discretion together.
– It absorbs the “quick absorption” filter captures the liquid afterwards the Lines mattress locks away from the skin.
– Helps reduce the redness of the lotion with Aloe, in contact with the skin, creates a protective barrier, helping to keep the skin healthy and dry. The protective action of Lines Lines helps prevent and reduce skin redness.
– Natural and flexible barriers for a full-length protection, help prevent leakage where you need more.
– Soft elastic band in life dresses without tightening because it is designed to adapt to the waistline, offering a soft and delicate contact on the skin.
– Double protective barrier helps prevent spills where they occur more, to make you feel protected in every situation.

30 pieces.