Lines Special Classic Pannolone Mutandina Super Taglia Grande 30 Pezzi


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Description Lines SPECIAL CLASSIC PANOLOLA Panty Super size Big 30 piecesPheartholone Super Large panty
Absorbigly absorbs, the “quick absorpt” filtering captures the liquid, afterwards, the new Lines mattress blocks it away from the skin. Help to reduce the redness of the particular lotion with Aloe, in contact with the skin, creates a protective barrier, contributing to maintaining Healthy and dry skin. The protective action of Lines Lines helps prevent and reduce skin redness.
Soft and breathable on the skin produced is entirely covered with breathable “cotton type” fabric, which helps reduce skin sweating and keep it fresh and dry.
Neutral anti-smell system-freshly against odors. This “super” panty panty offers a protection of upper smells.
Convenient anatomical fitness structure designed to model the body without tightening. “Stacca and attack” labels. They are resistant, repositionable and adjustable based on the waistline, help keep the product well stopped once worn.
Soft side barriers adapting to the body, reducing the risk of spills.
Charger-shaped indicator to suggest that time may have arrived to change the product.

30 pieces. Great diamond (circumference 100-150cm).