Lines E’ Ali Lungo 10 Pezzi


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Description Lines is long wings 10 pieces and ‘wings long
Absorbents in lactifless, night with wings. For intense flows such as those of the night. The protection is there and is not heard! The most innovative material that is there: Lines is made of lactifless, an innovative, hypoallergenic material and never used before, which marks the beginning of a new era in feminine erotions. Developed and patented with the precise objective of satisfying women’s needs and be sure on all skin types. The most flexible there is: Thanks to its qualities of extraordinary flexibility and plasma it has the property of adapting to the body of the woman, as if it disappears. In this way the comfort offered by the product is surprising. It takes the shape of your body and don’t feel it. The most absorbent than there is. The exclusive lactifless structure gives exceptional performance: the new Lines is absorbed double compared to ultra-seller absorbents. Features 1. Lactifless: new hypoallergenic innovative material. 2. Super flexible. It fits perfectly to your body, as if it disappears. 3. Super absorbent. It absorbs up to double compared to ultra best-selling absorbents. 4. New soft and delicate filter. 5. Double wings for greater stability and adherence to the slip. 6. Micro-holes for rapid absorbence and a dry that lasts long. 7. Special channels designed to protect you from spills. 8. Covered by international patents.
10 pieces.