Linea F Termometro Ecologico 1 Pezzo


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Description line f ecological thermometer 1 pezzolinea f thermometer
Ecological IndicationIs 2 ° A. Very precise thermometer, does not need batteries and should not be calibrated later. Disposal can be performed simply in household waste. Types of use: Oral, rectal and axillary, in the home field for adults, children and babies. Features The glass structure of the thermometer, hygienic and completely disinfectable, is very suitable for preventing virus transmission using the thermometer. The measuring liquid: Alloy Galinstan of gallium, Indium and tin absolutely harmless, similar to mercury but non-toxic. Features: Type: Ecological oval a mixture. Capillary color: blue. Graduated scale: white color. Subdivision: in tenths of grade. Measurement range: 34 ° to 42 ° Celsius. Laser control notch: at 38 ° C. Marking: CE 0118 printed on the back scale. TWG signal of the German manufacturer on the back scale. External component component of glass safety. Gallium Galinstan League; Indium; pond.
Thermometer complete with transparent plastic case and green colored hood.