Linea D Oro 24 Glucometro Kit


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Description Gold line 24 Glucometer Set monitoring of glucose monitoring in the blood
Blood glucose monitoring tool from pulpastrel-lo and alternative withdrawal sites. For capillary blood, venous, arterial and neonatal whole memory 500 with date and time, transferable to PC using optional cable. Transfer to the dedicated app “Rightest Care” via Bluetooth Test duration 5 seconds Measurement method Electrochemical sensor FAD-GDH The Linad Gold 24 system kit includes: –
Linad Gold 24- 10 Reactive Stripes Linad Oro-pen Pungidito Linad feather- Quick Guide – Instruction Manual- 10 Linad Feather Soft- 1 Batteries CR2032- Container case – Warranty card
82 mm x 45 mm x 15.5 mm (AXLXP) – 48 grams with battery