Linea D Evo Glicemia 25 Strisce


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Description Line D EVO Glycemia 25 Striscelinead EVO
The Linad EVO meter is characterized by its own technological token, aimed at obtaining high accuracy and precision levels and new features of great interest. Among these stand out the possibility to download the data of one’s PC measurements via a simple USB interface and the high number of memories that the meter can contain. However, the main feature of the Linad EVO meter is the innovative “auto coding” system, which, although not foreseeing to enter a code, offers extremely precise and accurate measurement, as well as verifying the compatibility and correct insertion of the strip. The simplicity of use was not then neglected, thanks to the innovative design of the Strip, in order to allow easy and safe extraction, the backlit display, the small time required for measurement and autostart to the insertion of the strip.
25 strips.