Linea D Biofine Ago Per Penna Da Insulina G33 4MM 100 Pezzi


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DESCRIPTION D Biofine Needle for insulin pen G33 4mm 100 PIECIBIOSVEN Biofine line
EC Class IIA medical device. Line of needles for insulin pen in various sizes. The needles are compatible with all the main insulin pens used by patients. The tip of the sharp needle with triple facet and the silicon treatment of the cannula allow to reduce the power of penetration and offer better comfort during injection. Production technology ensures an optimal insulin flow, due to the increased internal light. The convex crown and double welding guarantee precise injections and cancel the risks for the patient. The external cap withformed favors an easy grip and a safe removal. The protection seal includes a simple and fast removal.
How to use
& # 200 expected a single use for hypodermic administration (subcutaneous) of pharmaceutical liquids in combination with a device for injections. AISI 304 stainless steel composition (ISO 9626 standard), PP, Dialysis Paper.
The validated sterilization method is ethylene oxide. There are no particular conditions for disposal. Keep out of reach of children.
Last conservation term from the production date, in an integrated package: 5 years.
Pack of 100 pieces. Measurements: 4 mm 33 g 4 mm 32 g 5 mm 31 g 6 mm 31 g 8 mm 31 g 10 mm 30 g 12 mm 29 g. To facilitate recognition the needle covers are colored according to the international codes of the measurements.