Limone Olio Essenziale 10ml


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Description Lemon Essential Oil 10Mlio essential
Lemon essential oil is known for its purifying and toning properties. Excellent in the kitchen and in cosmetics. Oil Contents: lemon. Produced by fresh, pleasant, delicate and 100% pure and natural citrus aroma.
How to use
Use: -Gargarisms: two or three times a day, put 10 drops of lemon essential oil in a glass of water and make extended rinses to the mouth to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis or halitosis. – Massage oil: in 250 ml of sweet almond oil, put 15 drops of lemon essential oil. Massage the legs from the ankles to the pelvis in the case of cellulite, capillary fragility or varicose veins. Instructions: -Interior: Dilute 1 drop every 100g / ml of food or drink. – Diffusion: pour 2 or 3 drops per 100 ml of water. Components Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Limonene, Citral (Geranial + Neral), Linalol, Geraniol.
Keep away from children under 3 years of age. Not indicated to pregnant or lactating women. Never use pure. Do not assume internally, if not correctly diluted. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Lemon is a photosensitive essential oil: avoid exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours from the application. In any case, essential oils do not replace a balanced diet and a healthy and controlled lifestyle.
Store the product at room temperature. Validity to intact packaging: 36 months.
Capacity: 10 ml.