Limone Bio 10ml


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Description Lemon Bio 10ml Limone Bio
The lemon essential oil is an excellent purifying, antiseptic, calming and purifying. It can be used for every type of treatment: cosmetic and for the hygiene of the house.Inthre that for its very fresh perfume, the essential oil is used in Diffusion to increase concentration and, during the periods of influence and colds, disinfect the air and raised the mood. Diluted with a neutral cream or a vector oil, it helps the regeneration of the skin and contrasts stretch marks and physical fatigue. 100% pure. Biological. Chemiotyped.
How to use
Cosmetic: Add a drop to a moisturizing nuts Geranial + Neral), Linalol, Geraniol.
Keep away from children under 3 years of age. Not indicated to pregnant or lactating women. You can use pure Photosensitive essential oil: Avoid exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours from the application.
10 ml bottle.