Lights By Tena Normal Proteggi-Slip Ripiegato 22 Pezzi


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Description Lights by Tena Normal Protect-folded briefs 22 piecesLengths by Discreet Tena
Rapid protection and absorption for light urinary losses, designed for sensitive skins with 0% fragrances and dyes. Protecting-briefs Tena Lights offer you triple protection from losses, smells and sensation of wet on the skin. They are breathable and quickly capture urine losses, holding them deep away from your skin. A delicate protection to take care of the most intimate areas of your skin, how you would do. Feel fresh, dry and take care of your sensitive skin with lights protect-briefs. – Delicate on the skin – Triple protection to feel safe with you – 0% Fragrances and dyes
22 pieces.