Lievi Pet Complex Flacone 70 Tavolette


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Description Mild Pet Complex Bottle 70 Tablets Mild Pet Complex Bottle
Complementary feed for dogs and cats of all ages, indicated in case of increased requirement of vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6, PP). Moreover thanks to the presence of zinc, copper and essential amino acids naturally contained in brewer’s yeast, it favors normal muscle function. With brewer’s yeast (natural source of essential amino acids), vitamins of group B, zinc and copper.
How to use
Administer oral directly in the mouth or in addition to the complete food at reason of: – Cats: ½ tablet a day.- Dogs: ½ tablet a day up to 10 kg of live weight; 1 tablet per day from 11 kg to 25 kg of live weight; 2 tablets per day from 26 kg to 50 kg of live weight; 3 tablets a day over 50 kg of live weight.Si recommends to double the recommended daily rations for all growing subjects. Complete daily ration with habitual food. Always leave fresh water available.
70 tablets from 360 mg.PESO Net 25.2 g.