Lierac Supra Radiance Gel Crema Viso Antietà Antiossidante Pelle Normale/Mista 50ml


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Description Lierac Supra Radiance Gel Face Antioxidant Face Cream Normal Leather / Mixed 50Mllierac Supra Radiance Gel Anti-agio Antioxidant Antioxidant Face Cream Normal / Mixed Leather
Leather from normal to mixed. Brightness renovation.Spirated to nutritional and environmental medicine, this cream combines Marrubio white extract, which fights dermo-toxin aging, at the Hyalu-3 anti-age concentrate. Its formula is also enriched with anti-oxidant Japan sophora extract and opacifying rice powder. A texture active from the smoothing effect Immediate thanks to soft focus powders that affine the skin grain and attenuate wrinkles. A floral and feminine fragrance thanks to the notes of freesia, pink pepper and tonka beans.Benazione the brightness of the skin. It corrects wrinkles and small wrinkles. It protects the skin from daily aggressions. Marrubio White Traditional Principles Cellular Renovator Concentrated Hyalu3 Anti-aging Japan Sophora Extract Antioxidant Opacificant Rice Powder
How to use
Apply the morning on the face.