Lierac Rosilogie Crema Correzione Colori 40ml


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Description Lierac Rosologies Cream Correction Colors 40Mllierac Rosologies Cream Color Cream
The treatment that acts on three types of redness: redness with visible blood vessels inspired by medical research on sensitive skin, the rosologies cream offers a specific solution against skin redness, at different stages of their development. The neurocalyzement peptide acts against temporary red redness, the anti-inflammatory return against diffuse redness and Rusco, known for its vasocostrictric properties, against redness with visible blood vessels. Application after application, the 3 types of redness are attenuated. The active texture is enriched with shea butter for a feeling of immediate comfort and with green figments that visibly attenuates the redness and make the complex uniform. The musky floral fragrance, from the notes of Jasmine, Gardenia and Moss, gives a soothing sensation on the skin.
How to use
Apply morning and / or evening on the clean face. Renew the application on the most sensitive areas if necessary. Active principles Active principles that associate the best of science and nature. – Neurocalyming peptide: action on temporary red redness. Adjust the neuron response to increase the skin tolerability threshold. – Right: action on diffuse redness. Reduces inflammatory response. – Rusco: action on redness with visible blood vessels. Vasocostritric and vasoprotective properties. – Prebiotic: Action on skin echoflora. Reinforces natural skin defenses.
40ml tube.