Lierac Premium La Cure Shot Di Giovinezza Viso Antietà Globale Rigenerante 30ml


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Description Lierac Premium The Cure Shot Of Youth Face Anti-aging Regenerating Global 30Mllierac Premium The Cure Shot Of Youth Face Anti-aging regenerating
Benefiting from the latest discoveries of regenerative medicine, anti-aging absolute care is equipped with a new innovative complex that aims at the phenomenon of accelerated skin senescence. Use the expeptide-fx, an active Foxo fabric regenerator with high doses, with technology GDF-11, which can stimulate the action of the GDF-11 rejuvenation protein, which is responsible for rejuvenation. The number of young cells increases, that of old cells decreases. With the passing of days, the skin frees themselves from the signs of stress, it regenerates and the face finds its youth in just twenty-eight days. Principiensapeptide FX regenerating black flowers extracts Concentrated antioxidants Hyalu3 anti-aging technology GDF11 rejuvenation niacinamide revitalizing
How to use
Apply morning and evening on the face under normal daily care. Care of 28 days, from 1 to 3 times a year.