Lierac Phytolastil Fiale Correzione Smagliature 20 Fiale Da 5ml


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Description Lierac Phylatastil vials Correction stretch marks 20 Vials from 5mllierac PhytoLastil vials
Vials Correction Stretch Marks Pregnancy, Puberty, Weight Variations. Treatment based on the plant active complex (Alchemilla-ivy-horsetail) dosed at 84%, from the light texture, which favors the regression of stretch marks. An association of ultra-performing assets of the best of science and nature. Alchemilla-ivy-equisetus restructuring complex. BeneficiFavorance The regression of the evident stretch marks. Principiups activicomplesso Alchemilla, ivy, toning horsetail (84%)
How to use
Apply a vial, morning and evening, on the affected areas, massaging up to complete absorption, for 8 weeks. The regular application is essential to obtain an optimal result and the results are all the more visible as the stretch marks are treated.
20 vials from 5ml.