Lierac Mono Mask Duo Premium 2x6ml


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Description Lierac Mono Mask Premium Duo 2x6mlMaschera Duo Premium
The exception instant youth shot in a creamy texture that repeats and revives the color instantly. Ideal for all skin types. It corrects the signs of age: deep wrinkles, loss of density, relaxation, color unevenness, skin spots, irregular skin grain. Inspired by regenerative medicine, this mask encloses a concentration of hyaluronic acid in solution of 10%. Sublimator soft focus micro-pigments. Premium complex Cellular 4.5%: expeptide FX, terpenoid, rare black flower extracts (black orchid, black rose borrara and black poppy) – deposited patent application. Of soft-focus micro-figments illuminate the color for an instant sublimator result. Its active, creamy and enveloping texture creates a film “” second skin “” from immediate reconstitious power and incomparable velvety finish. Rigenera benefits, repulp and illuminates the skin. How to use Apply 1-2 times a week on dry and cleansed skin. Posing time: 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse. Active Principles Active Principles: Esapeptide-FX Concentrated Hyalu-3 Micro-Pigments