Lierac Mono Mask Duo Hydragenist + Supra Radiance 2x6ml


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Description Lierac Mono Mask Duo Hydragenist + Supra Radiance 2x6mlmaschera Duo Hydragenist + Supra Radiance
– Hydragenistla mask SOS mask that rehydrates and oxygen the drier skin. For all skin types. An active balsam-gel texture which, thanks to gelling agents, creates a film that favors the spread of active in the heart of the skin for immediate moisturizing and repullpante effectiveness. A true intensive repullping treatment. The skin is instantly rehydrated. The wrinkles and small wrinkles are polished and the complexion finds all its freshness. Inspired by the aesthetic technique of tissue oxygenation, this SOS mask, based on the Hydra O2 complex, is enriched with Camelia flower oil to nourish and protect the skin and extract of damascena rose to tone and smooth. – Mask Supra Radiance Illuminating Mask Peeling Double Action, for all skin types. A texture active from the smoothing effect immediate that brings freshness throughout the laying time. Inspired by nutritional and environmental medicine, this cream associates the Marrubio white extract, which fights dermo-toxin aging, at the Hyalu-3 anti-age concentrate. Its formula is also enriched with micro-crystals obtained from mineral rocks and AHA for a double action peling, “new leather” effect. ” Benefits HydraGenistre mask, repulp and smoothes the skin. Mask supra radiancerinnova, revive and tones the skin. Usomaschera mode Hydragenist Apply 1/2 times a week a thin layer on dry skin avoiding eye contour. Application time: 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse. It can be used with the supra radiance mask. Mask Supra radiance apply once a week on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye contour. Posing time: 10 minutes. Exforger with circular movements, then rinse. It can be used with the Hydragenist mask. Active Principles Active Principles Mask HydraGenistoxigen Biomimetic Hyaluronic Acid Rose Extract Active Principles Mask Supra Radiance Marrubio White Concentrated Hyalu-3 AHA and Micro-Crystals