Lierac Mesolift C15 Concentrato Rivitalizzante 2 FialeX15ml


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Description Lierac Mesolift C15 Concentrated revitalizing 2 flex15mllierac Mesolift C15 concentrate revitalizing anti-fatigue
This face serum contains 15% pure vitamin C, powerful antioxidant from the revitalizing action that is activated at the first use of the serum, thanks to an impromptu preparation that guarantees effectiveness and conservation of vitamin C.
To complete the formula, repluminous hyaluronic acid, oligo-elements and amino acids that revitalize and recharge the skin in depth. Its vials allow a hygienic, practical and precise application.

How to use
Apply to a clean face morning and evening. Active Principles15% vitamin C with revitalizing action and anti-oxidante hyaluronic actions with repliptanteoligo-elements with energizing pellelamine acid action improve elasticity and hydration of the skin

2 vials from 15ml.