Lierac Lift Integral Siero Liftante Anti Rughe Occhi/Palpebre 15ml


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Description Lierac Lift Integral Lifting Serum Anti Wrinkles Eyes / eyelids 15Mllierac Lift Integral Lifting Serum Anti Wrinkles Eyes / eyelids
Cream with lifling action specifies on eyelids.Spirated to combined aesthetic techniques of lifting + injection, this night cream associates plant assets with volumizing lifting effect [mahogany extract + purple tulip extract] at concentrate Hyalu-3 with anti-age action, enriched With a vegetable complex anti-bags and anti-dark circles with silk tree extract + divine grass. A active serum-gel texture that combines two natural biopolymers that form a dynamic lifestyle movie on the eye contour. . Tighten skin relaxation wrinkles. Understanding Mode of morning and evening on the eye contour and the eyelids with the help of the in-point applicator. Principles Mahogany Active Lifting Tulip Extract Purpureo Volumizing Concentrated Hyalu3 Anti-agio-vegetable complex anti-band and anti-cheeks without perfume