Lierac Lift Integral Nutri Crema Ricca 50ml


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Description Lierac Lift Integral Nutri Rich Cream 50Mllierac Lift Integral Nut
Rich cream rich lifting lifting lift.anti-age lifting.The lift-injection effect cream for very dry dry skin. Based on combined aesthetic techniques of Lifting + Injection, this day cream associates a liftive active duo [mahogany extract + purple tulip extract] at the Hyalu-3 anti-age concentrate, enriched with nourishing shea butter. An active texture, from the immediate tensor effect, thanks to the unpublished association of two natural biopolymers that form a dynamic lifting film on the skin surface. Enriched with camellia oil and ultra lifting vegetable waxes, its texture, from light and non-fat finish, brings comfort to the skin without weighing down. A fresh and delicious fragrance from the floral and female notes of white freesia, jasmine of Arabia, wild berries and velvety sandal wood. It feeds intensely the skin. Active principles fruit of the best of science and nature: mahogany extract: the mahogany extract acts on the synthesis of the XVIII collagen, responsible for supporting the three skin layers, for a lifting effect on the relaxed areas of the face. Tulip extract purple: The purple tulip extract acts on the synthesis of over 30 fundamental proteins of the extra-cellular matrix (MEC) of the dermis, playing a fundamental role in the reorganization, quality and structure of the MEC, for a volumizing effect. Concentrated Hyalu-3: Anti-Age (Smoothing – Rimpulpante – Moisturizing) .Burro Di Shardé: Nutrient
50 ml.