Lierac Lift Integral Crema Viso Giorno Liftante Rimodellante Volumizzante 50ml


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Description Lierac Lift Integral Face Cream Lifting Day Remodeling Volumizing 50Mllierac Lift Integral Face Cream Lifting Lifting Volumizing
Daily lift-injection effect day Enriched with Tiaré flower oil from moisturizing properties. A innovative texture that contains two natural biopolymers that form a film on the skin surface for an immediate lifting effect. Fresh and delicious fragrance from the floral notes of white freesia, jasmine of Arabia, berries Wild and velvety sandalwood from feminine touch. For normal skin to dry. Understanding Mode Applying in the morning on dry face and cleansed, alone or after the usual serum. Principijrix Mahogany Active Lifting Tulip Extract Purpureo Volumizing Concentrated Hyalu3 Anti-aging Tiaré moisturizing flower oil