Lierac Cofanetto Supra Radiance Gel-Crema 50ml + Mousse Struccante 150ml


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Description Lierac Casket Supra Radiance Gel-Cream 50ml + Mouple Mousse 150Mllierac Casket Supra Radiance
Supra Radiance Gel-Antioxidant Renovator Cream Day in a new precious box. To complete your anti-aging beauty routine, free the double-stock make-up remover mousse cream.
-Gel-Anti-OX Renovator Renovator Gel-Cream Brightness Renovator, for normal skin to mixed and environmental, this gel-cream associates Marrubio white extract, which fights dermo-toxin aging, at the Hyalu-3 anti-age concentrate. Its formula is also enriched with Japan anti-oxidant and powder sophora extract of opacifying rice. The brightness of the skin. It corrects wrinkles and small wrinkles. It protects the skin from daily aggressions.
How to use
Apply to the cleansed face, alone or after the usual serum. Principijection of Marrubio Biancorinnovator Concentrated Cellular Hyalu3 Anti-Abstract Spring Japan Antioxider Rice Opacifying-Cream Double Action Retuccange Industry and Deep. Ideal for mixed leather. A textured active in cream that turns into a mousse in contact with water, for a double effectiveness.
Inspired by the aesthetic technique of ‘Ionic Cleansing’ ‘, this mousse cream offers a double cleansing: – on the surface: eliminates from the skin pollution residues, powders and make-up (anti-pollution cleansing). – In depth: eliminates the excesses of sweat, sebum and dead cells (micro smoothing). Application the skin is purified. Effective cleansing.
Anti-pollution cleansing. Micro-smoothing cleaning. Fresh and purified skin.
How to use
Apply to dry skin and massage. Emulsify with water, avoiding the eye contour. “Micromagnetic” Activistergent Principles Removes Enzymatic ImpuritiesMicroesFoliator Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Lactic Purifying Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-OX Gel-Cream Renovator 50 ml + Remarky Mousse Cream 150 ml.