Lierac Cofanetto Mésolift C15 30ml + Latte Micellare Struccante 200ml


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Description Lierac Box Mésolift C15 30ml + Micellar Milk Rinchante 200mllierac Mésolift Box

Mésolift C15 concentrated anti-fatigue revitalizing, ideal for stressed skin and turned off, in a new precious box. To complete your beauty routine, free double-acting make-up micellar milk.

-Mésolift C15 The Energizing Shot. 30 days of treatment.spired by the aesthetic technique of facial mesotherapy, Mésolift C15 contrasts the skin fatigue and the loss of tone and vitality of the skin. It is ideal for stressed and tired skin. This serum contains 15% pure vitamin C, powerful Antioxidant from the revitalizing action that is activated at the first use of the serum, thanks to an impromptu preparation that guarantees effectiveness and conservation of vitamin AC Complete the formula, repluminous hyaluronic acid, oligo-elements and amino acids that revitalize and recharge the skin in depth. Its vials allow a hygienic, practical and precise application.
Its active fluid texture quickly penetrates, giving the skin an immediate comfort. A vibrant and sparkling fragrance, which combines notes of grapefruit, ivy and moss to offer a fresh and fruity sensation. Bright and revitalized. The skin is recharged in depth and The color is uniform. The skin repurchase tone and vitality. Active ‘Principles • 15% Vitamin C Pura: revitalizing and antioxidant action • Hyaluronic acid: Rospulping action • Oligo-elements: Energizing skin action • Amino acids: improve elasticity and hydration
– Micellar make-up remover double action detergent on the surface and in depth. For all skin types. A texture active in milk that turns into water for a double action.
Inspired by the aesthetic technique of ‘Ionic Cleansing’ ‘, this micellar milk offers a double cleansing: – on the surface: eliminates from the skin pollution residues, dust and make-up (anti-pollution cleansing). – In depth: eliminates the excesses of sweat, sebum and dead cells (micro smoothing).
How to use
Apply with the help of a cotton disk. Without rinsing. Face & Eyes. “Micromagnetic” Activistergent Principles Removes ImpuritiesMicroesFoliator enzymatic Deeply Hyaluronic Anti-aggranticerine Hyalurizer
Mésolift C15 30ml + Micellar Milight Rinchante 200ml