Lierac Body Slim Concentrato Crioattivo Cellulite Resistente 150ml


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Description Lierac Body Slim Concentrate CrioAttive Cellulite Resistant 150Mllierac Body Slim Concentrated CrioOctivo
Crioadtive concentrated slim body is the treatment that fights cellulite thanks to the cold! Inspired by the criolipolysis, its tryptical action formula from reinforced efficacy that contrasts resistant cellulite. The powerful duo of new generation active ingredients, the caffeine-ginger complex , it carries out an intense destock on fat cells, while the WTB system has a burn-fat effect and pro-irisin provides anti-recidiva.Risultate action: the appearance of orange peel skin appears reduced, The skin is smooth and toned. Its active texture in rosed gel, from the immediate and prolonged cold effect, penetrates quickly. Designed to facilitate massage, a fundamental passage for the effectiveness of the product. Clinically proved adipate adiposi (2) (2) clinical study of 50 volunteers for 7 days – bibitotid application – Use instrumental measurements apply morning and evening with circular massages on Interested areas using massaging slimming roller. Technical massage: 1 minute for each step1. Deep pinchi Jacquetssulla clean and dry skin, with fingers joined by both hands, perform deep and rapid pinching on the skin of the areas to be treated.2. Longitudinal massagesPly the product on the areas to be treated. So, with the help of the roller, massage in a longitudinal sense of all the areas concerned.3. Dry drainDigning, with roller, ascending circles on the areas to be treated.4. PressionersChart, with the roller, ten reading pressure on the area to be treated. Also available in the Coffret concentrated croceactive resistant cellulite 150ml + slimming roller massaging machinery accumulates enhanced tryptic action to combat resistant cellulite. Complex caffeine-ginger: the last Lierac revolution Combine the caffeine, active reference ingredient, with ginger that acts as a “booster” enhancing the patented WTB action (3): stimulates fat burning and therefore favors the elimination of adipose cells.Pro-Irisina: A CrioliPolitico effect, it allows anti-recurrent action on the accumulation of fat. (3) Patent filed in France