Lierac Body Nutri+ Latte Relipidante 400ml


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Description Lierac body nuts + rollipidant milk 400mllierac body nuts + lait redipidant
Urea + paper oil + karité butter.un anti-dry anti-drying milk, fondant and non-sticky. Ideal for dry and sensitive body skin, soothing and comfortable action. Hydration for 48h.
How to use
Apply morning and evening on the active corpoprapiRincipi. Active fruit of the best of science and nature. Relipidant shea butter: repairs, moisturizes and softens the skin thanks to its rich and enveloping composition. Urea anti-dryness: urea is one of the constituents of the protective hydro-lipid film of the epidermal surface and is part of the composition of the NMFs (natural hydration factors) cutaneous, whose function is to maintain an optimal rate of hydration in the upper layers and restore The structural integrity of the skin. Impolient paper oil: rich in linoleic acid (Age) from moisturizing, rhycling, nutrient and softening properties, also contains vitamin and anti-oxidant and regenerating, which laughs to the skin all its elasticity.
400 ml.