Lierac Body-Hydra+ Gommage Micropeeling Esfoliante Corpo 200ml


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Description Lierac Body-Hydra + Gommage Micropeeling Exfoliating Body 200mllierac -Body-Hydra + Micropeeling Scrub
Exfoliating body treatment, suitable for all skin types. With a smooth joint texture, renews, moisturizes, reactivates the brightness, smooth the irregularities and uniforms the texture of the skin. Contains in its formulation the hibiscus extract, double hyaluronic acid and coconut-glucoside. Renewed benefitepears. Cutaneous impaired irregularities. Reactivated brightness. Skin grain aged. The skin is hydrated and soft. Principles Activistops Hyaluronic Acid Rospulpante Silicon Firming Hibiscus Extract Smoothing Microgranules Vegetable Orige Microlevanti
How to use
Apply once a week on wet skin, gently massage and rinse thoroughly with water.