Lidren 30 Compresse


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Description LIDREN 30 Compresselen Natural food integrator based on vegetable rosemary extracts, calendula, birch, artichoke, dandelion, horse chestnut and echinacea.
For 1 Compressarosmarino dry extract 1: 4200 mgcalendula dry extract 1: 4100 mgbetla Lampa100 mgcarciofo dry extract titrated 4% crocogenic chlorogenic100 mg1 mgtarassaco dry extract titrated 4% ininulin100 mg1 mgip chestnut dry extract titrated 4% inescina100 mg4 mgechinacea dry extract titrated 0.1% inechinacosides 50 mg0.05 mg
How to use
In acute, attack posology: 4 tablets a day (2 + 2 morning and evening) for no less than 3 weeks, associated with hydropinic therapy (at least 1/2 liter of water at each hiring). In the case of reduced individual therapeutic response, protract at the discretion of the doctor.Subacuto: 3 tablets a day always associating hydropinic therapy for at least 3 weeks. Cronico: at the discretion of the doctor, passing in maintenance at 2 tablets per day associated with hydropinic therapy. To reduce the dosage when the doctor believes he has obtained a reduction in lying.
Do not hire pregnant Scope of children under three years of age. Supplements should not be understood as substitutes of a varied diet.
30 940 mg tablets