Laprofin Cake Mix Torta Cioccolato 500g


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Description LaProfin Cake Mix Chocolate Cake 500glaprofin Cake Mix Chocolate Cake Powdered Powder To realize, using aproteic milk, cakes and desserts of all kinds of chocolate. Low protein and phenylalanine content. Without milk and derivatives. Without eggs and soy. Low potassium content.
Wheat starch; sugar; dextrose; powdered cocoa (2.2%); chocolate aroma; bicarbonate sodium leavening agents (E500 (ii)); Disodic diphosphate (E450 (i)); Thickener seed flour (E412); Aromas.
Nutritional features
for 100 gvalore energy366 kcal1551 kjproteine ​​(nx6.25) of which fenilalanina0.9 g30 mgcarboidratides whose sugar88,2 g37.9 ggrassidis whose saturi1 g0,58 gfibra2.2 gsodio250 mgpotassio96 mgfosphoro120 mg
Pack of 500 g.