Galenia Lipiol Olio Detergente 400ml


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Description Galenia LiPiol detergent oil 400mlgalenia lipiol detergent oil
Oleous detergent with high lipidizing power, composed of 70% from solvery vegetable oils. Sebaaffini components, contribute to restoring natural skin defensive barriers after cleansing.lieple detergent oil is fragrance-free and without preservatives. Contrasts the transepidermal water loss, gives softness and elasticity, protecting skin well-being. Suitable for daily cleansing of dried and very dry skin. IndicazionIndicate for daily rinsing cleansing of dried and very dry skin or intolerant to common detergents. Continuous use improves the compactness and elasticity of the skin and helps prevent irritations. PunctionalityLepiol detergent oil has a marked emollient and protective action thanks to the presence of fine vegetable oils (linseed oil, olive oil, oil of Sunflower, castor oil). The summary action is guaranteed by the presence of omega 3-6-9, squalene and vitamin E-F.
How to use
Pour Liples cleansing oil on a wet sponge or directly on the skin and massage gently. In contact with water you get a slight creamy and rich emulsion, which gently cleanses the skin. Rinse with warm water.