Contenitore Raccogli Urina Linea F


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Description Container Collect urine line f sterile container urine collect with vacuum tube
Container intended for urine collection. Graduated up to 100 ml. Perfect screw cap with integrated device with a vacuum tube tube. Based with self-adhesive label.
How to use
Wash hands with soap before harvesting. Protective wrappres. Do not remove the protective label on the container cap: there is a needle under the label, danger of puncture. Visit the container cap does not touch with the Hands the interior of the container or cap. Frame the first morning urine or follow the doctor’s directions. Do not urinate in the needle compartment located under the label. Rice the container firmly restarting the cap. Take your data on the tack of your data and apply it to the container. Cancel the laboratory.
Do not remove the adhesive label present on the cap or before either after filling the container: there is a needle under the label, danger of puncture. Do not urinate in the needle compartment. Do not open the package before use. Use the expired product. Do not use the product with the damaged packaging, integrated package-free sterility. Do not touch the interior of the cap or container in order not to compromise the sterility. Do not reuse, disposable device.
Store in a dry place, temperature min -10 ° C, max + 50 ° C.Smaltire according to current regulations.
120 ml sterile container in single package.