Collistar Lift Hd Corpo Crema Ulta Liftante Antietà 400ml


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Description Collistar Lift HD Body Cream Ulta Lifting Anti-aging 400mllift HD Body Cream Ultra Lifting Anti-Age.
From Collistar Clean Research a triple efficacy treatment to fight to 360 ° the main signs of body aging – relaxation, tone loss and discomiece – in particular on: inside arms, inside thighs, knees, décolleté. Thanks to the enhanced formula, it smoothes, reappears, revitalizes and illuminates the skin, making it visibly more uniform and also performing a powerful antioxidant action. For a high-definition body. The exclusive LIFT HD Body Complex, which combines an effective bioactive tetrapeptide a A powerful sustainable extract of a microalga, revitalizes the dermo-epidermal activity, favors the proliferation of fibroblasts and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus restoring the compactness and elasticity typical of a young antioxidant, illuminating and uniform skin Enhanced Collistar Clean Research has included in the formulation the Italian Iperfermanenta rice. Sustainable, because coming from the production waste of the Po valley, it is subjected to an innovative and patented process that increases the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and illuminating effectiveness by 20%. The Papain, which, thanks to a delicate exfoliation process, accelerates the skin renewal, refines the grain of the skin and minimizes imperfections, making it smoother and luminous; And ascorbic acid ethyl, or a latest generation vitamin C, which protects the epidermis from the harmful effects of free radicals, inhibits melanogenesis and stimulates collagen production.Dal enveloping perfume, the texture is fondant and sensorial, non-greasy And, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and argan oil and Jojoba, nourishes and deep hydrates. For all skin types, even the sensitive ones, is particularly suitable in case of skin relaxation, small wrinkles and discomieces. The cream immediately makes the skin smooth, smooth, soft and hydrated. Car Continue of the treatment, the skin texture is restructured and uniform, the epidermis becomes more elastic and compact, the critical points appear more toned and the discomies fight. For a body from renewed youth