Cerotto Master-Aid Quadra Dermoattivo Medio 10 Pezzi


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DESCRIPTION Master-Aid patch square DermoAttivo Medium 10 Pezzicerotto Master-Aid Quadra DermoAttivo Medium
Medical device CE 0373. Hypoallergenic patch, exceeded. To be used mainly with wounds that have led to the dermis and that can only be clogged up for second intention. It has the function of keeping the wound micro environment under control and create a barrier with the outside. Excellently indicated for small lesions, in particular, in the presence of delicate, sensitive and irritated skins. • Hypoallergenic adhesive, suitable for all skin types, even those delicate of children and the elderly. Thermoplastic rubber thermoplastic rubber adhesive, solvent-free. Free of natural rubber latex. The adhesives used (Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive) allow easy detachment, in addition to optimal adhesiveness and resistance. • Non-woven fabric support in 100% polyester fibers, single-extendous, white. The extended central portion allows the use of an increased gauze and a high sealing on the external edges for a large wound protection. • Central buffer with rounded corners to improve conformability to wound. Gauze pad in non-woven fabric with microperforated non-stick film. The gauze contains chlorhexidine liked 0.5% to antibacterial activity.
78×20 mm (medium). 10 pieces.